Need more caregivers now?

We currently have limited spots available for one-on-one coaching with our founder and CEO, Rachel Gartner.

Hi! I'm Rachel Gartner, the caregiver recruiting expert.

My company, Carework, has helped our clients- home care agencies across the US- hire thousands of caregivers.

I belive you should never have to turn away cases because you don't have enough caregivers.

What would your agency look like if you always had the caregivers you need and could handle unlimited growth?

In my coaching program, I help home care agencies build an efficient, cost-effective, scalable recruiting process.

I'll review your metrics each week, making sure you're on track to meet your goals. We'll also do strategy calls together on a regular basis.

Together, we can make sure you always have the caregivers you need, when you need them.

Nurse Talking to Patient

Basic Coaching

45-minute call once a month + monthly owner's report + email and text availability for all your questions!

Home Nurse Examining Patient

Advanced Coaching

30-minute call once a week + monthly owner's report + email and text availability for all your questions!

Is it just phone calls?

First of all, it's never just phone calls.


On our calls together, we're getting down into the details of your recruiting process and results. I am a battle-proven recruiting expert and I'm ready to share my strategies. 

Second of all, of course, it's not just phone calls!

My top-tier reporting team tracks metrics for all of our clients across the US. Now you'll be on that list, too! We'll dig into your metrics and results to find what you're missing. 

We'll be sending you a monthly owner's report that gives you a snapshot of where your recruiting process is working and where we need to focus more effort. We'll also rate each of your metrics according to national trends, giving you an idea of how your agency is performing compared to others.

So, no, not just phone calls. 

It's all the support and strategies you need to hire the caregivers you need, grow your agency, and never turn away a case again.

Aren't you glad we've met?

Not quite sure? Book a free 30-minute strategy session, let's get to know each other!