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Home Care Hiring, Simplified

First, we personally screened 60,000+ applicants for home care agencies...

Then, we made this hiring platform for you.


Easy to Use Daily Dashboard

Keep your team on track and your orientation seats full with:

  • Recruiting and Retention KPIs

  • Automated To-Do List for Recruiting

National Home Care Data: LIVE

See Exactly How Your Agency Measures Up:

  • Recruiting KPIs

  • Retention Benchmarks

  • Hiring Costs

Answer Questions Like:

  • What are other agencies spending on Indeed?

  • Why aren't we meeting our hiring goals?

  • How can our agency overcome the caregiver shortage?

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Every home care agency needs more caregivers.

Not every agency needs the same strategies.

Let the data and tailored training show you what your agency needs.


The Right Amount of Automation

You can't automate human connection out of recruiting (and you shouldn't try)

..But you can (and should) automate:

  • Outgoing Texts

  • Drip Campaigns

  • Interview Reminders

Perfectly Tailored Recruiter Training

Just Click "Help Me Get Better At This" Under Any KPI:

  • Articles & videos from industry experts you know and love

  • Everything you need to improve that particular KPI 

Learn How To:

  • Get more interviews to show up

  • Lower your cost per hire

  • Improve your 90-day retention


Your recruiting team doesn't want ten thousand features in their ATS, they want something that's easy to use and that actually works.

You don't want your recruiting strategy to be a shot in the dark, you want meaningful, up-to-date data and the training to implement it.

Hello, meet the Carework Hiring Platform. 

We've gotten thousands of caregivers hired for home care agencies in the U.S.,  and we can help your agency.


Sick of long-term contracts from new software companies in the home care industry?

Don't worry, we're not like that. 

No long-term contracts.

(and also, we've been on the front lines of home care hiring since 2018)

Built By A National Home Care Hiring Team

Easy To Use

Don't let your team get bogged down trying to understand features they won't actually use. Carework is perfectly simplified.

National Data, Live

See exactly how other home care agencies are getting hires and what it's costing them.

Personalized Support

Training from industry leaders tailored to every data point, just click "help me get better at this"

Plus, live support from the incredible Carework team.

Need more caregivers?
Book a no-pressure, no-strings-attached demo now:

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Carework: Trusted since 2018

Julie, Thrive At Home

"We are so happy with your company- we have doubled the number of caregivers hired since we started working with you

Christina, 1st Call Home Care

"Tracking these numbers has illuminated the areas we're succeeding and what areas need our focus and attention. (Now) our team is working together cooperatively and strategically. 

Peggy Milne, Home Helpers San Mateo, CA

"We have been using Carework for years now, and have been thoroughly impressed by the people we have worked with.

Their team is well trained, flexible to our specific needs, and really driven to bring us the very best candidates every week.

If you need a reason to hurry up and book a demo, I'll let you in on a secret... 

We're currently enrolling early users at a huge discount.

So, yea, I'd book that demo now if I were you.

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