Is Your Homecare Agency Making These Critical Errors?

Hi guys! Rachel Gartner with CareWork here.

I'm here to talk to you today about 4 mistakes your home care agency

might be making in your recruiting process.

I know everybody needs more caregivers and here at Carework,

what we do all the time, every day, seven days a week, is we help home care agencies find and hire more caregivers.

So, here are 4 common mistakes that we have seen.

#1, is they are not getting back to potential applicants fast enough.

So, you get a bunch of applicants, you get through who you can, something comes up that day, and maybe you don't get to those applicants until two to three days later to give them a call.

This may not seem like a big time gap, but it is crucial.

One of the best things you can do is make sure that every time a caregiver applies, they hear from you the same day.

That's part of what we do at CareWork, seven days a week is even just sending a quick message to say,

“Hey, I got your application. I can't wait to talk to you. Our agency has this great benefit/sign on bonus, I'll be calling you!”

Just something at the very least to let them know you've seen their application,

you're interested, and you're gonna be giving them a call.

The #2 mistake goes right along with that.

That is not having somebody specifically dedicated to this part of recruiting.

I'm talking about getting on to the online job ads, responding to new applicants, and getting them scheduled for interviews.

It takes a lot more time than you think, especially if you're trying to grow your agency and you need a lot of caregivers.

So, what I've seen some agencies do is have everybody in their office kind of pitch in when they can, which for some parts of your recruiting process, yes. everybody in your office should be trained to do it. Even for this part, everybody should be trained to do it.

Your system should be organized in such a way that anybody could

sit and know exactly who to call that day.

But that's not the same as having everybody on your office kind of sharing their responsibility.

You need somebody on your team that is absolutely dedicated to this process

and has the time set aside for that so that it is their first priority when they get there every day and hopefully at least twice a day they are sitting down to review all the new applicants and contacting them.

For the clients that we work with, our team does this for them, and there is so much value in just having a person who is only dedicated to this - to make sure your applicants getting a quick and professional response.

Now, on that professional response that takes me right into mistake number three.

Mistake #3 is not building enough of a personal connection with the people applying.

So, this could be the templates that you're sending, maybe they came off as really formal or just not very personal, but this also comes into your phone screen.

For our recruiters, since they do the phones screens for our clients,

one of the things that we actually grade them on when we audit their calls is building a personal connection.

We really train our recruiting team that they need to sound excited

and personable on every single phone screen.

This is hard in home care recruiting because a lot of recruiters get burnt out.

They're doing this all the time and a lot of people don't show up

or don't complete the hiring process or there's a lot of pressure on the recruiting for your agency.

This can lead to a recruiter that's overwhelmed and busy and comes across that way on the phone.

So, make sure that you and your team are really going above

and beyond to sound personable

and excited on every single phone screen

and that all of the templates in your job ads sound happy.

This may sound like a simple way to put it, but that's really what you're going for. You want to sound happy and excited for every applicant that you speak with.

The #4 mistake that we see come up a lot in home care recruiting,

is having some kind of additional application or assessment between the time that they apply on an online job site and when they actually walk in the door for an interview.

A lot of agencies have an additional application that may get that applicant

into their management system that they're gonna track (Clearcare etc.)

and they want the caregiver to complete this application before they come in for the interview.

You can make it an option. You can have an show application that you send them the link to and say it would be great if you complete this before the interview.

But, please do not make it mandatory
for caregivers to do any kind of additional application
or document submitting before they come in the door for the interview.

Because what will happen, is those caregivers are getting calls,

not only from other home care agencies, but from completely different job fields.

We know there's a labor shortage. And where are they gonna go?

The place says, “That's that's great. Come on in today at two o'clock, and we'll get you started on your hiring process. We're so excited.”

or the place that says,

“we can meet with you tomorrow at 10 AM. Here's the link to our online application. We will not interview you until you complete it. So, make sure to get it done or we'll cancel your interview.”

If you're just going off of that information, where would you go work?

A place that's excited to see you and welcomes you and just want you to come on in the door and get started?

The practical piece to that is if you really need them to fill out that application,

just let them do it at the interview. Schedule an extra ten minutes of your interview time and have a computer available so that when they come in,

you can get to know them have an initial conversation and then tell them,

“here's the application that we need you to fill out. This is gonna get you into our software. I know you already gave us some of this information,

but if you input it here, we can get you working sooner and paid sooner.”

Now, doesn't that sound a little bit better?

We're doing it in a way that works for the caregiver when they're already in your office, ready to get hired and did you notice I phrased it in the classic

caregiver first way that CareWork teaches?

We want you to present everything in a way that this is what's best for you.

We're putting your needs first. Well, if the caregiver's information

is already in your system through that application, you can get them working faster and you can get them paid sooner, both things that caregivers are looking for.

So, there you have it. There are 4 common mistakes that your recruiting team might be making that might be stopping you from getting the hires you need.

I hope you can go out and use this information.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call or check out our website which is

Again, my name is Rachel. I would love to talk with you about how you can hire more caregivers for your homecare agency!

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