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I tell people how beneficial your contribution has been for our recruiting process all the time. (Carework) takes care of the top part of the recruiting funnel, qualifying candidates so that we can focus on the actual quality of the candidate and how they fit within our culture. Thank you for contributing to the success of our agency.

-Tina Valdez

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Join our Founder and CEO, Rachel Gartner, as she covers key metrics in caregiver recruiting, how to use them to grow your agency, and how to overcome common recruiting challenges. Rachel and her team have been serving homecare agencies across the country since 2018, helping them to find and hire more great caregivers.

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Our mission is to help home health agency owners succeed at caregiver recruiting.
We want to help you create an efficient, repeatable, and cost-effective recruiting process! We can help you turn your applicants into hires for less time and less money. Whether you're looking to outsource your applicant processing or train up your current recruiting team, we have a solution for you.


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