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About Us

At Carework we help home care agencies find and hire more great caregivers.

CareWork was started in 2018 by Rachel Gartner. Originally known as Strategic Healthcare Solutions, the company was created to serve agency owners by improving efficiency and quality of healthcare recruiting. 


Rachel Gartner worked as a CNA, HHA, and caregiver recruiter for an agency in Florida with multiple locations. As her unique, data-driven methods increased efficiency and results, she was asked to take on more and more locations. Eventually, it was too much work for one person and Strategic Healthcare Solutions was born. The company grew quickly as word spread that there was a new way for home care agencies to master CNA and HHA recruiting!


Today, CareWork serves agencies across the country who are looking for expert guidance. As a military spouse, Rachel is on a mission to create great jobs for military spouses and veterans. She has built a company with remote work in mind from the ground up, allowing military spouses to seamlessly build a career while moving frequently. Our recruiters live throughout the United States and work on flexible schedules, making them more available to our agencies and our caregivers.


We believe in integrity before ambition and service over self. Our recruiting process is customizable at every point and we are always ready to help our agencies succeed. Our personal customer service is outstanding and we believe sets us apart.

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