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"We got 6 hires this week-

the most we've gotten in months.

So, this process WORKS."

-Cheryl, Accelerator Student

Hire To Thrive Accelerator

Home care hiring is hard...

but it's not impossible.

My recruiting team has helped agencies hire almost 4,000 caregivers so far this year and we're here to teach your recruiting team how we did it.

Are you tired of searching for answers like: 

✨ Why aren't we meeting our hiring goals? 

✨ How much should we be spending on Indeed ads?

✨ How do we control the number of caregivers we hire?

✨ How do we build a scalable hiring process?


✨ We have the answers! 

We have helped home care agencies hire thousands of caregivers - almost 4,000 so far in 2023

Each one from job ads we posted, phone calls we made, and personalized phone screens we did.


The truth is, no one in the industry can rival our experience with building a scalable hiring process.... and now we're ready to teach your recruiter how we did it.

🚨 This program is not for agencies that want slow growth

🚨This program is not for agencies that think caregivers "just don't want to work anymore"


If you know your agency is ready to scale, and you want your recruiting team to come to meetings with more solutions than excuses, this program is for you.

Screen Shot 2021-09-21 at 12.58.40 PM.png
rgartner headshot.jpg

Presented by Rachel Gartner
Founder & CEO at Carework

 So far in 2023, Rachel has led her recruiters to hire almost 4,000 caregivers for U.S. Home Care Agencies.

 What could your agency accomplish with scalable results like that?

 Rachel will teach your recruiting team live every week for 8 weeks.

If you've ever seen Rachel speak (at HCAOA, HCP Growth Summit, HomeCareCon, etc...) you know she brings the data, the know-how, and the energy.


Your team will leave each session feeling encouraged and energized, ready to tackle that week's implementation steps.

8 Weeks Classroom Training +
12 Weeks Implementation Coach

For the first 8 weeks, you'll have classroom training once per week + a weekly implementation session with a Carework Recruiting Coach. Then, you'll have an additional 4 weeks of implementation sessions. The total program length is 12 weeks.

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Week 1:
introduction & KPI Check

In week 1, we'll get to know your current hiring process and how well your agency is performing. We'll collaborate with your team on a top to bottom process and KPI analysis so we know exactly where to focus throughout the course.

Week 2:
The Basics

Learn the mindset shifts and foundational principles your recruiting team needs to meet their hiring goals

Week 3:
% Applicants Booked

Learn how to write magnetic job ads, find qualified caregivers, and get candidates interested in your agency.

Week 4:
% Interviews successful

Learn the sales tactics, logistical essentials, and perfect sign-on bonus strategies to get more caregivers walking through your door.

Week 5:
From Interview to Orientation  

Learn why some agencies are skipping the interviews and going straight to orientation, how to maximize your orientation show up rate, and how to actually get your potential hires to their first shift.

Week 6:

Now that you've got highly qualified caregivers in the door and working, learn how to build a scalable agency and culture that keeps your caregivers long-term.

Week 7:
Managing your team and cost

Go beyond your daily recruiting process to understand how to manage your recruiting team, hit your financial targets, and scale your agency through recruiting.

Week 8:
Finale process analysis + KPI check

In the final week of weekly classroom training, we'll walk your team through a final process analysis + KPI check to make sure they're making objective progress and hitting your hiring goals.

If your home care agency is ready to seriously invest time and effort into your hiring process, this is for you!

You WILL be able to accelerate your hiring results in 2023 and beyond- and grow your agency! 🥳

This is the most in-depth training program we’ve ever offered for you:

✨ 8 Weeks of small group class with Rachel

✨ 12 Weeks of small group implementation coaching with a Carework Hiring Expert

✨ Individual review of your job ads, results, and recruiting pipeline

✨ Custom strategies to guarantee you are able to hire more caregivers and GROW your agency!


🚨 This program has a very high level of involvement from Rachel and the Carework team, so we’re only accepting a very small number of students for each cohort

🚨This is a very intense, 12-week accelerator program. It’s only for agencies that are ready to invest major time and effort into their recruiting pipeline.



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