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Building a Winning Home Care Marketing Strategy: Take Action Now!

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

If you do not yet see how marketing is a vital asset to your recruiting and retention, this blog post is for you,

Last month, Rachel Gartner, Carework founder and CEO had the opportunity to sit down with Nick Bonitatibus from Digital Champions to discuss marketing for home care agencies and how it directly impacts caregiver recruiting and retention.

So, today, they are diving into the exciting world of attracting and retaining caregivers for your home care agency and how marketing, specifically social media marketing is an important aspect. We will be talking about how to use social media to benefit your agency as well as what NOT to do.

Why Does Marketing Matter Anyway?

Even before the COVID-19 era and the caregiver crisis, caregivers in short supply have been a long-standing issue. It is a classic supply and demand problem where the caregivers hold the upper hand. The days of posting a job and having applicants begging to work for you are long gone and it is time to change with the market. The market is competitive and you must stand out and showcase your agency’s unique qualities and how you differentiate yourself.

Yes, dare I say it, you must SELL your agency to potential hires. Recruiting IS sales.

One common mistake in homeware marketing is focusing solely on generating traffic and getting more and more applicants. While visibility is crucial, it's equally important to prioritize conversions. After all, what good is a high number of applicants if they're not the right fit for your agency? Don't lose sight of the end goal:

Attracting high-quality caregivers who align with your values and mission.

Leveraging Social Media in Your Recruiting Process

Now, let's talk about leveraging social media as a powerful asset. Avoid treating your social media platforms as mere billboards constantly proclaiming, "We are hiring!" This is not only tacky, but it screams desperation. A common misconception is that when posting on social media, your content gets “spread to the world of media.” This is far from accurate and in reality, only a small number of your actual followers are going to see the content you create. Instead, focus on building relationships and representing your agency authentically. We want engagement!

Use social media as an asset.

Nick shared a great story of one of his clients who used his process on social media to have an applicant come in for an interview. The applicant specifically stated that she looked them up on social media and liked what they were sharing. This is a testament to the power of using social media to get high-quality caregivers walking through your door.

So, you might be thinking, “How in the world am I going to find time in my already stretched-thin schedule to post high-quality content on my platforms?”

Strategizing and planning is the key.

"Plan, plan, plan! It will help you create a plan and execute it."- Nick

Your online presence shouldn't exist in isolation. Integrate it with your internal operations and networking activities. Showcasing your company culture is key, as it gives potential caregivers a glimpse into what sets your agency apart. Document everything, as every aspect of your agency's operations can become valuable content.

Showcase the education and training programs you offer to caregivers, demonstrating your commitment to their growth. Highlight the impact your agency makes in the field, such as raising awareness about dementia or promoting fall prevention during specific themed months. Also, make use of holidays and special occasions like CNA Week, Nurses Week, and Caregiver Day to engage your audience and show appreciation.

Let’s talk about visuals.

No, you do not need professional photography, a fancy camera, or expensive stock photos.

Using real photos of your caregivers and your agency will go a lot further. Think of how many times you scroll right past anything that looks like it could be an ad. You want your content to be authentic and real.

Never underestimate the power of a selfie. Potential caregivers want to see your face and feel a connection to you. This provides a glimpse into the real people behind your agency.

One of the questions Rachel and her team of expert home care recruiters at Carework hears a lot is, “How can we attract high-quality caregivers?”

High-quality caregivers are attracted to agencies that emphasize their training and expertise, so let your team's personality shine through. If you are hosting dementia training, showcase that! If you are giving a hands-on demo of how to prevent falls in homes, take a quick picture and share it!

Show these highlights on your platforms.

Action steps:

Remember, all you need is a smartphone to get started. So, go ahead, embrace these strategies, and watch your homeware marketing efforts soar. Take action, implement these takeaways, and witness the positive impact on caregiver recruitment and retention.

  1. Evaluate your current recruiting process. Are you treating it like a sales process and starting with marketing your agency to potential hires?

  2. Use your social media to build community and engagement (celebrate holidays, showcase caregiver of the month, highlight team training opportunities, participate in giveaways)

  3. Plan some training or celebration for your current caregivers. While you’re together, snap a picture and post it on social media with a caption celebrating your team.

  4. Take a selfie! Caregivers and clients both want to know who you are and why you’re in this business. Post a selfie or quick video explaining why you have a heart for home care or sharing your expertise.

Coming up next week: How to use videos to market your agency!

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