Carework Recruiting Team


Like hiring a new recruiter, but at a fraction of the cost.

We'll manage your online job ads, respond to all new applicants, conduct phone screens, and get you qualified caregivers walking in the door, ready to work.

It will feel like you've hired an incredible new team member: expertly trained, works 7 days a week, and gets results.

Hiring the Carework Recruiting Team
vs. Hiring Internal Recruiter:

Costs & What's Included

On an all-inclusive plan, you choose the plan that's right for you and pay a set amount every month.

Each plan includes 7 days a week recruiting coverage, weekly calls with a Carework recruiting expert to make sure you're getting the results you need, plus a monthly report with your metrics, results, and custom recommendations for the upcoming month. 



Perfect for new or small agencies

who hire ~5-8 caregivers/month



Perfect for growing, mid-sized agencies who hire ~8-15 caregivers



Perfect for large, scaling agencies who hire ~16-24 caregivers/month

Professional Female

What Sets Us Apart

Military Spouse Owned

More than 75% of our employees are military spouses or veterans

No Days Off

Unlike relying on an internal hire, with our team you know your applicants receive a same-day response 7 days a week

Expert Recruiters

We've helped our clients hire thousands of caregivers!

Nationwide Perspective

We work for clients all across the country, giving us the unique perspective that individual agencies could never get alone. We'll share our expertise with you.

Need more details?

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